Benefit Concert

A Musical Meeting with Amateurs and Professionals

Saturday May 5, 2018
03:30 PM
A benefit concert, organized by fans of ICMF Ede, where amateurs and professionals will meet each other!
During this concert several musicians will perform, including Anna Fedorova, Nicholas Schwartz, Anny Chen, Borys Fedorov and Benedict Kloeckner!
Performing amateur musicians: Cynthia Amas and Ingmar Sterke (mandoline), Hélène Hammerstein (grand piano), Anita Baylé (grand piano and alto recorder), Richard Schwane (grand piano) and others.

This concert is not organized by International Chamber Music Festival Ede 2018. However, the proceeds of this concert will support the organization of the festival.
to be communicated
Performing musicians