Masterclass mini-concert

This mini-concert is the festive closing of the masterclasses, earlier this afternoon. The participating musicians will show the audience what they have learned from the festival musicians. // IMPORTANT: This concert will start 2:30 PM instead of 3:30 PM.
Earlier this afternoon, the masterclasses will take place. Piano quintet 'De Formule' will be coached by Anna Fedorova and her team.

Members: Laura Lunansky and Coraline Groen (viool), Michiel Wittink (viola), Rogier Tamminga (cello) and Rik Kuppen (grand piano). They worked on piano quintets by Shostakovich and Amy Beach, and will show you what they have learned.

If you are interested in visiting the masterclasses and/or the mini-concert, please apply at Akoesticum.